1.1 – Tell Me Your Secrets


First up, is the nutter crew at the Winter Festival!

So, I may not have my screenshots for this, but they went to the Summer Festival!! They did!! I have the proof! So, that means that it rounds out all the Festivals for Ramona, Bailey, and Orianna!! Opal still has the Spring Fair to go to, because she was a toddler when I took her to that one.

Because I’m dumb.

BUT! For now, Opal has a baby hunt to go on!

I sent her to the ‘Relaxation Station’, mostly because it was on top of a hill and I thought it’d be cute.

And it was the only place without sims already, so some could be forced to come here.

There was not a high quality selection of men, however. I guess we’ll put them on the list?

Opal did heart fart with this guy, Edmund something or another.

And then this guy wandered by, so I put him on the list too.

Opal: I’m not sure I like this list that you’re creating…

There’s a lot to process here.

Opal: This one, please.

Are you sure? He’s old, too. Also married.

Never mind, he’ll do.

Ori is having a far more productive day, finally getting chance to work on her latest romance novel now her mother is not hogging the computer.

Ori: She uses it for computer games when I’m trying to WORK.

Opal invites the married man over, and they immediately start getting it on.

Apparently he’s less prone to rejecting her advances when they’re not in a public place at 2am! Who knew?!

Clearly, he’s not very good.

It took two tries, but there was a lullaby and Generation Two is imminent!!

(Also Opal is gorgeous I’m so glad you guys picked her)

Bailey and Mona stay forgotten together in the “children’s” bedroom, which now desperately needs a makeover.

Ori completed her Lifetime Wish!!

She’s now written seven books, but the latest one (called Meet You There after a freaking Busted song), earned 1.514k royalties a week by itself.

Ori: Clearly, I am a Queen of the romance genre.

Please, dear god, tell me your secrets!!!

In honour of Ori reaching that milestone in her life (and making herself eligible to be kicked out of the household), Opal starts on her portrait!!

Opal: A beautiful portrait of my beautiful sister!

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