0.20 – Granny Library

So, it turns out I may or may not have accidentally deleted all of my screenshots between this post and the last one. I don’t actually know how many of them weren’t already uploaded, so I may have lost a lot or nothing at all!

Opal: Fuck you, easel!

What’d it do?

Opal: It makes all my paintings look like garbage.

Ori and Opal have friends over!

Guy: Thanks for inviting me to your house, Ori!

Ori: Who are you and why did you follow me home?

Bailey: OH! Leliani! This isn’t awkward at all!

Opal: You’re welcome! 😉

These two were actually more interested in pillow fighting with each other after everyone had gone to bed.

They stayed until 1am. It was weird for everyone.

Meanwhile, Mona is obliviously playing piano in the library that looks like a wealthy old lady’s house.

Mona: Aren’t you going to mention how I maxed the bass skill?


I also bought this thing to shelter over Bailey’s alchemy station, but apparently the rain can still get through the roof, despite actually being solid.

Ori: Opal, look  at this Genie I can summon at will!

Opal: Do I look like I give a fuck?

Ori: Wow, what happened to you?

Genie: You interrupted me getting into that sweet hot tub.

Ori: Oh, well, I want to make a wish for World Peace. I can’t hog it all to myself, you know.

This was slightly less traumatic than wishing for the money.


Genie: What have you done to me!?

Bailey: We’re friends now 🙂

Bailey: “Dear Lealani, I think you’re really pretty. -B”. She’ll never guess who that’s from!!

Oh dear.

Mona’s still playing away at the Granny Library, but now she’s been joined by a zombie who’s decided to bust out her laptop.

Because zombies are capable of rational thought.


Oh hey, it’s time for prom! But Ori doesn’t get to go, because I have a plan for her instead.

Ori: You mean I don’t get to take up my rightful Queen’s crown!?

Ori: Oh, my brother’s gonna be so excited that you’re here.

Lealani: He is?

Happy birthday, Ori! I don’t know why you’re partially see-through, I guess I got too close with the camera and didn’t realise XD

I got insanely lucky, and she rolled Bookworm!

Bailey: This is the best day of my life.

So hey, that worked out pretty well for ‘ole Bailey!

He did have to ask her to break up with her boyfriend though, and then she left before he could ask her to date him instead. I’m sure I’ll fix that soon!!

Opal: Don’t make eye contact, and nobody will know you’re with them.

Ori: I have to graduate in half an hour, why am I here?

The family get down to apple bobbing, but get interrupted several times over for various reasons. Eventually, Opal wins, but I’m entirely sure that’s just because she was the only one left.

Opal: Don’t piss on my victory!

Ori: Don’t mind me, just graduating alone…

And of course Mona ruins it with her pie stained face.

I think I must’ve missed the Summer Fair; I’m sure they all went because I had trouble setting up the fair in this world, but it guess that’s in my lost screenshots. Oh well!

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