0.19 – When Will My Suffering End?

Did you know, it’s been so long since I’ve written a post for these guys that I’d basically forgotten all the characters I’d written for them? It’s only been three months, but somehow feels a lot longer than that.

Bailey: Do you think I could find the answers to life in this book?

Highly doubt it.

Bailey: Maybe I’ll just go to bed, then.

So, apparently I built the house’s decking over some firefly spawners, because they keep appearing like this, and clipping through the deck.

So I made Mona go and catch them all.

Mona: We’re just ignoring the bit where I’m clipping through the fence, yeah?

Of course.

Mona: This doesn’t look daunting at all… why are you making me attempt this?

Because everyone else is asleep and have you really got anything better to do?

Mona: Yes, actually.

I think these are what you’d consider a tad bit dramatic. But hey, she’s a dramatic sim so I’m allowed, right?

Also, for some reason their house doesn’t fully reach the road, so they have to run to get the school bus each time.

Ori: A Queen should never have to run for anything! This is unacceptable and I demand that you take it up with the school board immediately.

Mona: Oh, Second Lieutenant Quackers, what have they done to you!?

I thought his name was Captain McDucksworth?

Mona: Yes, that’s one of the purple ones. Keep up.

really love the paintings in this mod.

Mona: Mod? What do you mean, I painted this myself.

If you like.

Ori: This game is mildly amusing, I’ll grant you. The more I hone my skills, the easier it will be for me to destroy everyone.

One last painting to go and…

Mona: Yes!! I’ve done it!! I’ve maxed the painting career and can finally move on to something else!

Mona: But first, video games.

I feel you there.

Grilled Cheese!!

Ori: You know, I’m thinking about writing a book. About me, of course, and what my life is about.

Opal: This is what my life is about, right here, in this toasted slice of cheesy goodness.

Opal: The longer I train, the less likely anyone else is to be able to beat me. I must be the best!

This is what life looks like for the Taylors’ at the moment.

Painting, writing, and reading.

I don’t know when it was, but Ori and Opal have their LTWs now! Ori is Professional Author, and Opal’s is Visionary!

Bailey: I found the meaning of life.

You did?

Bailey: Yes. I want to be an Alchemy Artisan.

… I hate you.


Ori: Cut that furry shit out. Immediately.

Bailey: I’m going to go somewhere people truly appreciate me.

Wait, do you actually have a friend!?

Bailey: See what I mean?

Bailey: Soo… Leliani…

Leliani: Soo… Bailey…

A match made in heaven, I see.

Bailey: So how would you like to go on a date some time? Just you and me, two teens –

Bailey: Oh no.

Leliani: How poorly timed!

Bailey: Torn away from heirship by my sisters, now torn away from love my by birthday. WHEN WILL MY SUFFERING END?

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