0.17 – Yay, Mona!

Remember when I forgot which trait Bailey rolled? Well, Bailey got Hopeless Romantic, and I’m not sure if I mentioned Opal’s child trait, but it was Shy!

This is Bailey’s first and only friend in Sunlit Tides! I actually remember her name this time, it’s Maggie Strong! Strong like her jaw line. She’s still cute, though.

This girl came home with Opal, but Opal proceeded to ignore her completely and do this instead.


Bailey: Muuuuuuuum, I just wanna pee, get out of the bathroom!

Mona: No.

I missed the animation, but little Miss Whacko over here set a booby trap on the toilet.

Opal: Hah, you said booby.

Oriana: When I am Queen, I shall rule all from the luxurious throne within my giant castle.

Oriana: Oh, who am I kidding. I’m a Queen already!

King & Queen though they may be, the still have to do their homework.

Opal: First law – abolish homework?

Oriana: No. Make the peasants suffer.

Savage she is, but she also adores her imaginary friend. Seriously, she’s always singing to the damn thing. It’s cute, but also annoying when she plops down in front of something important like, I don’t know… say, the TOILET?

Oh look, another horribly timed shot from yours truly! I wonder what elixir Mona could possibly be throwing at her feet!?


Mona: Wait… I have eternity before me?

Yes. Now, get to work on that Living Librarian challenge!

Mona: Oh no.

Maggie’s here again; honestly, I don’t think Bailey even knows any other people in this town.

I guess this hopeless romantic is hopelessly romantic for Maggie.

I’m sorry, that was terrible.

Bailey: Not to mention she has a boyfriend.

So, while she has already learned all of the guitar songs, she’s still got a looooong way to go with all the others! Luckily, she’s also maxed the cooking skill, so once we have enough to buy all the recipes she can do that.



Seriously, the second I remembered Mona the Vampire, I was completely sold. I know I could probably achieve this challenge during a single lifespan if I tried hard enough, but… how could I pass up Mona the Vampire!??

Oh look, a poorly timed birthday!

Ori: You lot are so blessed to witness this happy event.

And I promptly forgot to get a picture of her.

Instead, here’s Bailey hopelessly trying to flirt with Maggie by asking her about her boyfriend.

Just kidding – here she is!

Ori: How dare you even pretend to forget me? I’ll show you.

Ori: Excuse me, I can’t get to the remaining flamingos to kick them over!

HA! That’ll show you.

Ori: Right, time to use this thing to wish for my castle!

Genie: Hi! Thank you for freeing me from that lamp – I can offer you three wishes-

Ori: Money.

Genie: I can offer you riches, beauty, love, fame –

Ori: Money!

Genie: O-okay then.


Ori: Time to become a rich Queen!

They got £100,000 from this. I’ve never used the genie before, so this was a fun experiment.

I bought Mona the vampire bed (also something I’ve never really used), and Opal and Bailey get very confused on how to view it.

Bailey: It’s beautiful!

Opal: You can’t see it. And neither can I!

It was around this point that I remembered I was supposed to be filling all heirs and spares lifetime wishes, so I started making everyone skill in the hopes that I’ll get some inspiration.

Opal: I feel enslaved.

Opal: I wish to free myself free myself from enslavement by drowning myself.

You can’t do that!

It was around this time I remembered the other challenges I was trying to complete; one of which being having every Heir abducted by aliens.

I’m not sure if Mona counts, but I’m not failing the challenge because I’m an idiot, so here we go.

Also, this is not an outfit I edited for Mona, and I don’t know where she got it from, but it’s cute and I’ll let her have it.

Except I achieved absolutely nothing except getting Mona struck by lightning and set on fire.

Good job!

2 thoughts on “0.17 – Yay, Mona!

    • It’s a Canadian show apparently, so I guess it’s just a British/Canadian thing?
      I do have a favourite, but there’s still a way to go with them so we’ll see 😀


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