0.14 – Celebrated Genius

Legally Blonde was SO GOOD. I mean, I knew that, but I still loved it. It was different and there were some mistakes but kjhgaskjdhfga I love that musical.

Ori: Thank you, for doing that which I require of you.

Bailey: What.

Mona: Happy birthday, princess!

Ori: Princess? Mother please, I am a queen.

Mona: A queen not above blowing out her birthday candles though, I see.

Ori: Don’t be ridiculous, I do have to have some fun.

Sparkles for the pink princess!


Bailey: She terrifies me.

Me too, kid. Me too.

Mona: Happy birthday, crazy boy!

Bailey: I think that’s offensive.

So I think he’s about 90% Mona, but I’m not sure. Either way, it doesn’t matter all that much because he’s auto spared due to having two sisters.

And Ori looks like she’s an Aaron clone, but that’s okay!

Ori: Aren’t you going to tell everyone about the traits Bailey and I got?

No, because I forgot.

Bailey continues his trend of being super bro, which is surprising considering that his sisters knocked him out of being heir.

Bailey: They did what?

Mona wished for a bunk bed, so I granted that because it saved me the hassle of having to build Ori a new room.

Ori: Queens do not share rooms.


Mona: So… how about Bailey’s snowman army?

Ori: I will defeat them all.

Mona: ……. Okay.

Has anyone ever seen a Sim stand like this while watching TV? Because I haven’t, and it’s awesome.

Ori, what are you doing?

Ori: Going to bed.

Through a wall??

Ori: Queens are not bound by the laws of physics.

I finally had somebody rescue the mail, and all three of Mona’s skill awards arrived! That’s painting, guitar, and cooking.

Mona: Yay, I’m a celebrated genius!

Family grilled cheese dinners! They do this autonomously, for which I am so grateful. Because I am horrible at regulating this kind of thing.

Ori: I am sure I can lower myself to this.


Bailey: No, I’m grumpy.

I also remembered to add Opal’s flamingos into the army! I’m only slightly salty that hers are the same colour as Bailey’s, but whatever.

I actually do remember the trait that Ori rolled (though only just now), and it’s Friendly. Goddamnit sims, stop contradicting the personalities I write!


2 thoughts on “0.14 – Celebrated Genius

    • I know, how dare she?
      I did a quick scout, Bailey is a complete Mona clone and Ori is a complete Aaron clone; although she might have Mona’s nose. I also, unsurprisingly, really like Opal! XD


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