0.13 – Throne of Grilled Cheese

I’m seeing Legally Blonde for the second time (I think?) tomorrow! I’m super excited; it’s one of my favourite musicals and I’ve watched it at least three times on youtube (the quality is so bad I can’t bring myself to watch it too often)!

Ori: Thank you for the food, mother. I need the sustenance to continue my plans.

Mona: You don’t scare me, kid.

Ori: Just you wait.

Mona: Just you wait!

Ori is a cute and happy toddler, though why she spends most of her time in the snow when she’s Loves the HEAT, I’ll never know.

Ori: I must master all of the elements!

Who are you, the Avatar?

I managed to herd her back inside, away from the danger of freezing to death, she decides to play with the peg box.

Maybe the thing with the snow is residual trauma left over from the time that Mona once buried her in it completely?

Mona: Look, if you really are going to be heir, that means you have to learn to paint.

Ori: Or I can make someone else do it for me.

Mona: I mean… yes?

Bailey is on his way to creating a snowman army with how many of the things he’s building.

Bailey: My army of ice will take over the world!

And they’ll fight you with hairdryers and torches.

Bailey: If I can’t take over with snowmen, then I’ll take over with dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs are all dead, buddy.

Bailey: Shit.

Mona: I’m so close to topping this career, it’s so exciting!

Another promotion. Of which she cried over.

Bailey: With dinosaurs out of the picture, it’s back to my snowman army!

Does he have potatoes for eyes?

Bailey: It’s kind of gross.

I don’t know if it was Bailey, Zombies, or the bratty newspaper kid, but all but one of the flamingos was knocked over.

Mona: It’s cold and I’m pregnant. Make somebody else do this!

Bailey is honestly adorable, and I’m really sad he can’t be heir. Ori’s great too, but Bailey’s insane! I’ve not had an insane heir yet!

Toddler skilling for Ori! I always forget they need to do this, and leave it until the last day in which Mona has to spam all the skills in the space of 24 hours.

Mona: Whoever he is, I don’t like him.

Then we agree on something.

She’s so cute!! I don’t care if her eyes are super cute and weird, she’s still adorable.

Ori: This is the horse upon which I will ride into battle on.

What battle???

The Heir battle, maybe?

Mona: IT’S TIME!


And she has Mona’s skin colour! We have our second heir contender, folks! Looks like I’m not handing the challenge to Ori on a silver platter after all.

So, meet Opal Taylor, who is Insane and Perceptive, and likes the colour Aqua just like Bailey.

Mona: I got the girl I was wishing for!!

So did I!!

And at last, Ori is all skilled up and ready for her birthday!

Ori: I can’t believe another contender has entered the race for the throne!

Throne of what?? Throne of Grilled Cheese!?

2 thoughts on “0.13 – Throne of Grilled Cheese

    • I’m really excited for Opal to get older (she’s still a burrito in game) because I want to know what she looks like, too! But I love her already.
      He did go a little nuts, right? XD

      I’m amazed that I didn’t fail the challenge with my luck, but…. Yay, Mona! – a reference and foreshadowing 😉


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