0.10 – Death? I’m out.

Surprise! I passed the trailer test! I’m not only qualified to drive, but to drive animals/caravans/junk as well!

Hey Mona, what you got there?

Mona: Nothing.

Mona: Sweet, sweet coffee.

…. Aren’t you supposed to only eat grilled cheese and juice!?

Mona: You can’t eat coffee. It’s a drink.

Have you seen the way some people make it?

Mr Loves the Cold wished to get his face painted, so we went for snowflakes. Because they’re cold.

A heavily pregnant Mona starts chatting up random teenagers, and Bailey continues to dance with people much older than him.

I’m starting to worry about these two.

At least, I was until Mona started making a snowman with this guy.

Mona: You can’t decide on #3 before I’ve even had #2!

Watch me.

Dinny: Death? I’m out.


I’m not even kidding, despite building a snowman together, he wasn’t in her friend thingy and she couldn’t call him. Forgetting all about MasterController, I deemed him lost for all time and moved on. Bye!

Okay, now this is super cute. It’s fully autonomous, but he’s talking to Mason!

Bailey: Yeah, so mum drank this hot chocolate and called it coffee…

Bailey: Excuse me, what is this?

A computer?

Bailey: Why?

Because your mother has to write a novel and I completely forgot about it until now.

Family dinners!

Mona: And my book shall be titled ‘My Son Is A Furry’.

Yeah, how about we don’t do that?

He spends a surprising amount of time on the phone, chatting to his dad. It’s cute.

If this isn’t a girl, I’m deleting Aaron.

Mona: I think we have more pressing matters than your blood feud with Aaron.

I decided not to send Ramona to the hospital for this one, because I didn’t want to see Aaron’s face when she has a boy because I couldn’t be bothered to leave Bailey behind.

Also, I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again; Children screams are utterly horrifying.

Oh sweet Jesus, it’s actually a girl. Well, sorry Bailey, this makes you auto spare! I’m also not entirely sure where the pink skin comes from; Aaron is on the green slider. So I guess that means that she’s on Mona’s slider, but Aaron’s place on Mona’s slider.

Basically; yay she’s an eligible girl!

So, meet Oriana Taylor! She is the polar opposite to her insane brother, because she is a Loner who Loves the Heat! And her favourite colour is Green.

Bailey: I will be the high king! I will rule over all!

You’ve literally just been made a spare. No.

Bailey: Fine, I’ll make an ice palace and live there forever, instead.

… Sure.

This is all that happens now.

This is a family orientated thing, right? None of my other sims do this, but Mona doesn’t even have anything in her queue and she starts bowing to him!

Super. Freaking. Cute.

Bailey: My ice castle is complete, and I will never see any of you mortals again.

4 thoughts on “0.10 – Death? I’m out.

  1. Oh yay! A girl!
    Oh no! Bailey’s a spare!
    That’s ok Bailey, spares have more fun!
    Also I super love the bowing to the “royalty” that’s just TOO cute!
    I’m super excited to see who Oriana takes after! I’m hoping for Mona’s hair!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve not seen the bowing to the child, that’s adorable. Haven’t had family oriented sims for a while, I guess. Bailey is super adorable, I love all the things sims can do in the snow.

    Yay for an eligible heir! Now hopefully she gets her mother’s hair as well…and maybe a genetic mix. As much as I love Mona’s face, clones aren’t much fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve only seen it once before, and that was my Gen One spouse, who I don’t actually like was FO. So, I have no idea XD

      I find it super hard to reply to comments when I know exactly what Oriana looks like XD I guess I need to get on and release the next chapter, huh? 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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