0.7 – Bed. Now.

Let’s see if we can prise some men away from the rocking chair and into bed. You wouldn’t think it would be that hard but… apparently so.

Mason: What do you mean we’re breaking up!? We have a son!



Guess who finally installed the paintings mod after two years of modded playing!?

Mona: Me.

And guess who got a promotion and cried about it!?

Mona: Also me.

And this is around where my game crashed. I’d gotten as far as Bailey’s toddler birthday, and it went all the way back to just before Mona went into labour. I was… a little bit salty. I played through the rest of it without taking a lot of screenshots, because not much else happened.

Except she didn’t break up with Mason.

Because I decided that if we fail the Matriarch mini challenge, she would make him divorce his wife and marry her instead. Morally questionable (downright wrong), but this is the Sims.

And she took Bailey to a Costume Party at Aaron’s house.

Mona: This is perfect, show up at the house of the man you want me to sleep with, holding another man’s baby.

He’s already met Bailey.

Mona: If I put him here in the bushes, Aaron won’t know I brought him.

That poor baby. Also, if you look closely you can see that this iteration of Bailey got his mother’s exact colouring.

Mona: Oh my god what is that on your face.

Aaron: Clown makeup?

Mona: I’M OUT.

Someone doesn’t like clowns?

Meet Bailey 2.0! I was salty about the crash until I saw Bailey with Mona’s skin, and then all my salt turned to sugar and I love him!

Mona: Here’s hoping he gets my hair?

Nope. How did you get black hair! Mona is purple and blue, and Mason is blond! The fuck, little dude.

It’s straight on to skilling for the little dude, wished for by the now Family Orientated sim herself. Thank god.

I think it would’ve killed me to sit through another Shakespeare & Liz situation.

Oh hey look, Aaron’s here. Again.

Give me babies, or get out forever.

Mona: You are coming to bed with me this time!

Aaron: But Bailey’s crying! Someone should see to him!

Mona: Bed now. Bailey later.

Aaron: Okay.

jhsgdkfjhagdsfk AARON PLEASE.

I swear to god, this damn sim is driving me utterly insane. What is so bad about Mona that you’d rather put the toddler to bed!?


I swear, the only way he’s redeeming himself now is if his baby turns out to be a girl. A girl with Mona’s hair would be even better.

I love how toddler skills taught by family orientated sims go up faster; it means we go from talking to walking super fast! I probably should’ve given it to her to begin with, considering she’s got to be a single mother for three kids.

Oh well, live and learn!

4 thoughts on “0.7 – Bed. Now.

    • It’s always black or sludge brown, and I never know where it comes from!
      Bailey really is cute; I haven’t done a genetics check on him yet actually, but I’m still kind of sad that being a boy makes him an auto spare if I get girls.


  1. Sorry to hear about your crash! Ack, nothing worse than having to replay, but Bailey is positively cute as a button! I love that hairstyle and color (I’m only partial to it… heh *stares at profile picture*).
    Despite all this, I’m glad to see Mona still going! I know she can do it! Next baby will be a girl! My fingers are crossed and so are my toes!

    Liked by 1 person

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