0.4 – Nothing But Juice

Hello people! Welcome back to the OWBC of wacky Ramona Taylor!

Mason: Some beautiful purple flowers for the beautiful purple lady.

Mona: They’re so great! I can’t wait to sell them!

No, you’re going to replace your butterfly with them.

Because of course, giving your mistress flowers is precisely what you should do after you sleep with her.

Ajkhgskjdf, I haven’t turned off the dumb stride of pride!

Mason: Oh yeah, I’m the man!

No, no you are not.

Mason: Well, that was fun, time for me to go home now!

In his defence, Mona did almost immediately go to sleep and leave him to his own devices. He read a book on the sofa, then left.

Mona: Is this a side effect from all that juice!?

I’ll let you believe that, if you like.

Though we missed the window for grilled cheese yet again, so she’s back to the poisonous juice.

Mona: I don’t think it was the juice…

Oh look, more painting!

The reason she’s only painting small paintings, despite the fact the medium and large paintings are worth considerably more, is because she has to paint 30 paintings to achieve the brushmaster challenge and be able to paint faster. So smaller paintings means she’ll get there faster, and then it won’t take as long to paint the big ones!

We finally made it! Brunch lasts forever, apparently.

Mona: I’ve been living here for how many days now, and I’ve never had a proper meal? Disgraceful.

Mona: Watching me cook is a truly fascinating experience, no?

Despite having the cooking skill to be able to flip the cheese nicely, she still manages to burn her first real meal.

Mona: My life is a disaster.

And then we go back to painting, because the window is over and we can’t make any more grilled cheese until tomorrow.

Mona: I know it’s burnt, but it’s still my favourite food and therefore delicious. Yay!

Mona: I take that back, burnt food sucks ass.

I don’t think that was the burnt food, any more than you believe it was the juice.

Psych! It was a baby all along!

Mona: I can’t believe I woke up for this.

You’re supposed to be excitable, please be more excited about things.

Mona: You write me this way!


Gnome: Sup?

The pregnant lady wished for a rocking chair, and because it’s easy LTH points, I obliged.

Mona: Yay!

And like every pregnant sim in the history of ever, she gravitates towards it the moment I look away.

Mona: Sue me.

Having reached a considerable painting skill level, we make another attempt at her portrait.

This one is more successful!

Mona: Huh, guess I am pretty after all.

It’s also worth like £500 and I really want to sell it. But, I shall not.

She’s really moving through her pregnancy quite quickly! I forgot how quickly early generation pregnancies go, mostly because there’s literally nothing else going on in the house.

Mona: Like running out of grilled cheese and missing the window to make more?

Like that.

And then she naps in the rocking chair, instead of going to bed. A totally sensible and healthy thing to do.

Mona: Exactly.


4 thoughts on “0.4 – Nothing But Juice

  1. Aw, Mona, you’re such a cute pregnant lady.

    You know, I’ve become so reliant on my ‘food at any time’ mod, I completely forgot that there are windows for making certain foods. Why, EA? If I want to make grilled cheese at midnight, I should be able to!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She is, isn’t she? 😀

    Oh my gosh, that’s a thing!? As much as I like the challenge of only being able to make grilled cheese at certain time, it’s also not realistic and I need that mod.


  3. Grilled cheese and juice! What a combo! Poor Mona though, way to burn that grilled cheese! Isn’t that how it always goes?
    Also, I didn’t expect the self-portrait to turn out so well! I had never had much luck with it before, it always seems so blurry and like that first one we saw! I didn’t realize until reading your stories that you could even do this, but I suppose it makes sense!
    Also, SomebodysAngel is right. I LOVE that mod. I think I got it from SimAsylum, which you may need an account for. I got all my good no-autonomous mods from there! Because Pillow fights happen and there should NOT be a negative hit to relationships because one sim randomly decides to be a brat about it! Hehe.


    • It sounds totally delicious! Totally!
      The way I do portraits is ‘Paint Still Life’, then drop into tab camera and somehow line up the painters face until it fits the portrait thing. And repeat until they give you a decent one XD
      I’ve tried, but they won’t let me sign up for whatever reason 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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